17 – Information

Q got home rather late. The castle Edmond had moved into was far away from everything else, making the walk to and from civilization a long one.
Edmond had fallen asleep on the couch, presumably staying up to try and talk to Q upon his return. Q simply went to his own room. He was awoken at approximately 10AM the next day from the Monte Criston staring at him. The feeling had been awkward enough to rouse the Talvian out of his slumber.

Edmond didn’t let Q blink twice or grab his sunglasses before he looked straight into the dog-man’s eyes and asked, “What do you know about the Phoenix?”

The Monte Criston was dressed lavishly as always, however his glare was particularly intimidating. His arms were crossed over his chest as he leaned against the doorframe that led to Q’s room, awaiting the answer to his question.

“Her name is Tali Heartlie,” Q began. “She lived with someone named Fortenra Askasa. She’s been wreaking havoc across town for the last few days, because she just discovered she can revive herself. Tali’s family, previously known as the Phoenix Mafia, were killed recently by a group of kids who now call themselves the Phoenix Gang. They worship Tali. I only know two of the members’ names- Buzz and Ismaru.”

Q groaned, finally sitting up and putting his left hand over his eyes. “Why did you do that when you know about the sun…?” he whined, blindly reaching around his nightstand for his sunglasses. Edmond walked over and handed them to his disciple with a grunt.
“You’ve been particularly dodgy lately,” he replied.

Q and Edmond had moved into the castle about two and a half weeks a go. Edmond expected this Phoenix business to be over and done with rather quickly, yet in this time had made absolutely no progress. Edmond was sick of waiting around while Q disappeared for days at a time with some “scouting” excuse. Edmond wasn’t stupid. Q was still a child even at twenty five. How did he get himself into this?

“I was out getting information for you,” Q whined again, after putting on his sunglasses and looking to Edmond.

“I hate how you can lie to me like that with a straight face,” Edmond scowled.
Q frowned. “So I can multi-task,” he replied sardonically as he threw up his hands in defeat. “What else is new?”

Edmond grabbed Q’s left hand, having seen something wrong with it. There was a huge gash, like some sort of rope burn.
“What is this?” Edmond questioned, leaning in closer.
Q pulled his hand away from Edmond’s grip forcefully, pushing himself off the bed to stand up to Edmond. Q was still in his red and black attire, having slept in his clothes.
“It’s nothing,” Q replied, going on the defensive. He began to walk to his closet, to get a change of clothes.

“Nothing?” Edmond slammed his hand to the wall, blocking Q’s path. “Where have you been every night? Why are you avoiding me? What happened to you?”

Q looked away and began to walk around Edmond, his lips tight. Edmond slammed Q into the wall, getting into his disciple’s face. “Answer me!”

There was a silence as Q looked down, his grey hair covering his glasses.
“What happened to you, Edmond,” he whispered. “You used to trust me.”

Edmond took a few deep breaths, trying to calm himself. “You’re right,” he finally said, letting go of Q and backing away a few steps in realization. “I apologize.”

Q loosened up, and after a moment of trying to judge what Edmond was thinking, gave up and continued to his closet to change into some clean clothes. He came out with jeans, a t-shirt, and a jean jacket. Edmond quirked a brow.

“I was going to go into town today,” Q said. “Since you woke me up so early.”

Edmond sighed. “I can’t get the television to work,” he said after a long pause.

Q turned to go out the door, “Dexterity doesn’t have TV as far as I can tell,” he said. “But I’m pretty sure you can get internet access. I’ve seen a few computers around.”

“All right,” Edmond responded, going to his own room in defeat.

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