16 – Intimidation

Q had just found a CD that didn’t appear too damaged when Fortenra Askasa charged toward him. A large bundle of wires shot at him like a man-eating vine from Hell. Q wasn’t expecting the attack to come so fast, and just barely was able to get out of the way. The CD had been held tightly in Q’s right hand when the wire-rope struck through the case.

There went Seether.

The Talvian growled with anger as the plastic shattered into an uncountable number of pieces out of his hand. He didn’t have time to do too much else to express his frustration, however, as the next attack was quick to come. The dog-man used his left hand to bravely shove the wires away from his face and grabbed a pocket knife with his right as he turned his right shoulder into Fortenra. This he later found to be a mistake, for as his left hand did shove the wires aside, they also gave him the most wicked rope burn he’d ever encountered. He called out, but refused to let that hold him back and shoved the knife into the next set of wires that came toward him.

It merely split the wires in half. Like a lone tree in the middle of a rampaging stampede, the wires still came at him full force. Q reversed his grip on the knife, pulled it out and ducked under the vines of death. He continued to spin, grabbed the right rope of wires under his left arm and used it as leverage to kick Fortenra in the head with his right boot.

All this time, Fortenra had been aiming those wires at Q’s head. That boy had been trying to kill him, not simply injure. What was this kid’s problem? All Q wanted was the music others had thrown out.

The kick hit Fortenra’s head and the both of them fell to the ground, Q on top of Fortenra. Askasa’s wires slammed back into his wrists like a returning measuring tape pulled out too far while Q stood up, glaring at Hirun. Now that Fortenra was unconscious, this other kid, this Hirun Hikari, was his only other competition.

“What do you want from me, No Rez?” The tailed man asked, turning to the other kid, making sure his right boot was planted firmly on Fortenra’s ribs, should the boy wake up.

Hirun narrowed his eyes at Q. “How do you know that name?” The boy questioned. Only Opal called him that.

“Would you prefer Hirun?” Q gave an evil grin.

“Who are you?!” Hikari yelled.

“I am someone who wants to be left alone while I find my music fix, Hirun,” Q stated. “Tell Fortenra Askasa and anyone else you have in mind to challenge me to lay off.”

Hirun growled, stepping forward to handle this problem himself. Q pressed his heel into Fortenra’s ribcage in response. The boy called out in primal pain after being jolted back into consciousness by the act.

Hirun stopped in his tracks.

“Don’t test me, Hirun. I don’t care about your stupid gang war. All I want is access to this music. If you leave me alone, I will not bother any of you,” Q stated bluntly.

Hirun scowled. “Fine. Let Askasa go!” He ordered, reluctantly agreeing to Q’s terms.

Q looked to his pocket knife which had been ruined by Fortenra’s wires and simply tossed it to the ground with a sigh. He then got off Fortenra and offered his right, undamaged hand to help the boy up. Askasa glared at Q, refusing the hand and getting up by himself, albeit with much difficultly. Q walked off while Hirun rushed in to make sure his foster brother was okay.

Q was pissed that a perfectly good Seether CD was broken because of some stupid kid. But he figured he should be getting back home anyway. Edmond was getting antsy.

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