The technological capitol of Gaia, Cybil is home to many inventors and scientists.
It also has a unique spirituality to it, many citizens believing in a Greater Presence, or the existence of Fate and/or Destiny.

Researchers are prevalent in Cybil. Many of the unique questions about Resonance Souls and Life in general are answered here. This is where Resonants and how they affect people are studied. Philosophy and Psychology come together to try and solve the many mysteries that Resonance Souls have given Gaia.

Cybil is also home to the world’s best hospitals. If someone has a unique ailment, they come to Cybil to get treated by the world’s leading healers and technological variants.

It is also home to many Institutions. If someone cannot control their Resonance Soul or Ki, they will often come to Cybil to live in peace with a state of the art limiter, or come to Cybil to get treated and learn how to control their unique abilities.

Cybil is very free-thinking and accepting. All sorts of species live in peace here- it is considered a neutral country.


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