Seekers are people who have been trained to identify the specific ki signatures of certain Resonance Souls, such as the Phoenix and the Soul Stealer. They have been brought up to utilize many tools and methods in order to capture these Resonants, as well as kill them if necessary.

If a target of the Seekers, such as the Soul Stealer, uses their Resonance Soul, a Seeker can recognize where they are from miles away. Particularly skilled Seekers can pinpoint the location of their targets from several hundred miles away.

Seekers spend most of their lives traveling the world looking for their target(s). They hardly ever settle down or have a family of their own.
Most Seekers are only contacted to only locate their targets and inform their contractors of where they are located. However, some Seekers can and do kill their targets.

It is not uncommon for Seekers to also double as mercenaries as they travel, fulfilling a main contract (Such as looking for the Phoenix Soul) as well as many smaller ones from independent bodies.

While there are many people who unofficially call themselves Seekers, the true Seekers have been contracted by The League.

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