A limiter is a generic term for items and/or devices that impair or limit one’s ki use or Rez use. There are two types of common limiters, with many uncommon devices invented almost daily.

Most limiters are small, generally a computer chip-like device that are embedded in something else, such as a piece of clothing or jewelry. Some limiters can be embedded into the skin, though this particular usage is rather rare.

Limiters work by reducing the output of the User’s ki or Resonance Soul. Because it only reduces output (In most cases to 0), ki and Resonance Souls can still affect the user from an outward source, unless it involves a type of power that must take place within the body.

An example would be someone trying to heal another with a limiter – since the user possessing the limiter’s internal organs are affected, the healing would likely be unsuccessful, or not as successful as it should be. In cases like this, the limiter must be turned off or removed.

The two common limiter types are Rez Suspenders and Negators.

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