A Faraway island, this small country was where all the worst criminals were dumped. Rather than spend money on maintaining a maximum security prison, the scourge of Gaia were placed here to live as they would, survive as they might.

This place has very vague laws, and has progressed into somewhat of a civilized nation, though nowhere near as advanced as most other countries in Gaia. Any technological advances that were not used before the birth of Resonance Souls are unknown to Dexterity.

Many things in Dexterity are in a state of ruin. Although this country housed the very first Resonance Soul, it is still a place that is considered dangerous to attend, as murders happen daily with little or no punishment.
Most of Gaia considers Dexterity a hellmouth, full of bandits and not worth saving or helping.

But considering how Dexterity started, it has come a long way, with some bustling cities and even some public schools.

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