Fortenra Askasa

Abandoned as a child, Askasa grew into his 20s alone and by himself. He found comfort in the wires around him, and developed a fighting style utilizing them. Highly skilled, he is an enemy to be wary of. His metal wires splay in all directions and can easily strike through marble, let alone a human body.

He has an anger problem, though it probably comes from his upbringing. His new purpose in life is to simple help protect what he considers his “real friends”. Nobody else cared about him aside from those he hangs with now. Especially Tali, who took him in.

Askasa’s sixth sense is strong, and he can usually feel an attack before it happens, or when someone’s soul leaves their body. His connection with the spiritual world is aided in his use of the Decay Arm – His Rez. His arm becomes a mass of decaying flesh, killing anything it comes into contact with.
It is not often Askasa will use his Rez, since it takes a toll on his own body.

He works part-time as a waiter, and has a weakness for children, especially orphans.

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