This girl is adept at controlling, creating, and manipulating fire. Her hair is a fiery color and gives the appearance of fire itself. Tali’s heritage reigns from a line of mafia kings, and her Rez is seen as a testament to this. In addition to her fire abilities, she can revive herself from most any death. Able to engulf her body in flames, she rises from the underworld like a Phoenix. Her rebirth is often called ‘the fire phoenix’, since it is not often missed.

Most of Dexterity stays away from Tali, despite her lack of physical and mental ability. She has no sixth sense, and does not defend herself, since dying is painless for her. Some worship her as a god, others make their plans to try and kill her, as only God Himself should be allowed immortality.

Tali herself is a rather crude person. She says whatever is on her mind at the time, and is rather spoiled. She has a group of friends she always hangs out with. A gang aptly labeled ‘Pheonix’ is what they end up making. Her friends are much more skilled than she, though because of her Rez, she is obviously still feared and respected as the Leader.

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