Soma Store

This Resonant allows for unlimited regeneration of flesh. It is activated through touch- the user must be touching someone else to heal them, or they can choose to heal themselves. The Resonant only works on living beings, and as such can not work on broken inanimate objects.

Somas make great doctors, healers, or scientists. They often desire to learn new things about people or things, and love to experiment. Whether this is for good or evil intentions is entirely up to the User. Their minds are especially inquisitive and life is fascinating for them. However, a drawback to this Resonant as that they hold little respect for life since it is so easily brought back for them.

Soma Stores can bring back the newly dead– if a patient is not brain dead, the Soma Store can revitalize the body. It seems in this way that the Soma Store can regenerate everything but the brain; in this way, Soma Stores are often considered killable only by a headshot.

Conversely, the user of this resonant loses a memory each time the resonant is used. It usually starts with the youngest memories and moves forth to the present, although studies have shown there may be no pattern in what memories are lost first.
There have been reports of new memories being lost before older ones, leading to some Soma Stores believing they are younger than they actually are- often forming new bonds with a close friend and claiming them as their surrogate parent or family member.

Soma Stores usually suffer the same fate as Alzheimer’s patients, eventually leading to the inability to make new memories if their Resonant is used too often.

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