Hypnos Indra

This Resonant can control electricity. Acting much like an Electric Ray, the current is made in their body and pushed to somewhere else. The users of this Resonant can simply shock enemies or produce massive lightning bolts from their bodies.

The Hypnos Indras have a massive amount of pride- they believe in a black and white, good and evil with no in between. They are extremely dependable in that they are true to their values and beliefs, as well as follow a cause.

They like to travel and work with electronics. They are somewhat of a technophile. They enjoy taking on challenges as long as they know they will get something in return. They make good transporters and manufacturers, or creative types with harsh deadlines.

It is not uncommon for the Hypnos Indra to take on more than it can chew. This Resonant can be either physical, intellectual, or both. Often if given a challenge it will not refuse.  Sometimes this can spell disaster. The kickback for this Rez is a temporarily increase in courageous or fearless behavior.

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