Nosferatu Coil

This Resonant can manipulate blood and platelets. The ability can be used in defense or offense, and it has been noted as being used by both sides equally.

Users of the Nosferatu Coil are often disturbed in some way, normally making it to a mental institution early in their lives. Parents of Nosferatu Coils have been noted to kick out their children upon finding out their Resonant, as this particular Resonant is noted for being excessively rebellious or mentally troubled.

Nosferatu Coils are rare in that they usually live away from others, preferring not to bother themselves with the lives of other people.  In the past, they have made excellent witch doctors and shamans, however in current times, the present lifestyle of normal people does not suit them very well.

This Resonant has an enormous obeisance. Every time the Resonance  Soul is used, the  user ages. Often Nosferatu Coils die young, but mostly from suicide rather than directly related to their Resonant use.

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