This Resonant heralds the ability to control all weather. It can make it rain, snow, form hurricanes, tornadoes, or dry spells. With training, it can change the precipitation levels in the air or vary temperature only around a certain area. Its kickback is relatively minor in comparison with the power. With each use, the Host becomes more empathic to those around it.

Atlaos is named after two gods: Atlas, who was doomed to hold the world on his shoulders, and Khaos, the goddess of the gap between heaven and Gaia.

Atlaos is capable of great things, which can be positive or negative. The dualities of this Resonant are apparent. It is not unlikely that Users of Atlaos have a mental illness, such as Depression or Schizophrenia. They have a high chance of flipping their viewpoints throughout life, believing in one thing for half of their life, then later being convinced that belief was false and to believe the opposite.

They are prone to change. While this change is usually because of their doing they are often unhappy with it. Atlaos often feel as if they have a heavy weight holding them back. Often this is a family member- someone they must take care of. They are usually the youngest in a family of at least one other sibling. They commonly surpass their older sibling and our prone to accepting the responsibilities of the family early on.

Atlaos are often people of two faces- one they put on while at home, forced to care for others, and one for everything else. While the Atlaos was forced into adulthood early on, they do sincerely care for those who are perceived to hold them back. They simply wish for a way to take care of what is needed whilst advancing their own life’s journey.

Atlaos are generally laid back and solitary, if given the choice. They make great office workers if they are allowed to work by themselves with minimal supervision. They will excel at any task given to them, provided they have the freedom to express their creativity and individualism.

The Atlaos are prone to self-esteem issues if not given positive feedback, or are reassured in some way that what they are doing is the right path. This can often be achieved through a close friend, co-worker, or spiritual means.

Users of this Resonant sometimes become too proud or sure of themselves when in company that over-praises. This can lead to self-defeating behavior, as the Atlaos may set their goals too high to succeed, and once they fail, they may fall into a depression too deep to recover from.

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