Tortoise Eye

This Resonant has the profound ability to utilize ki as if it were a solid force, rather than a source of energy. Tortoise Eyes are sometimes confused with Ki Masters, as they have similar abilities.

The powers of the Tortoise Eyes include, but are not limited to, healing others, constructing protective shields or barriers, rebounding objects off a reflective field, pushing objects away with a wall, accelerating the healing capabilities of another person’s ki, as well as the ability to identify which Resonant a Soul is holding based on their ki signature.

Tortoise Eyes make very good parents, teachers, Seekers, and Ki or Rez Instructors. They have the unique ability to help mold another person’s ki– guiding it with a helping hand in the right direction. As such, it isn’t uncommon for a Tortoise Eye to be an orderly at a mental institution or rehabilitation center.
Tortoise Eyes, along with Ki Masters, are prone to taking on students as adoptive children and teaching them the ways of the world and the connections between Resonance Souls, Ki, Life, and the planet. It should come as no surprise then that the “kickback” for this Rez is increased maternal instincts.

Tortoise Eyes are very spiritual people, and believe that everything is connected, but also pre-ordained by Fate. They often take a heavy interest in the Prophecies, adopting a specific belief and following it to their deathbed.

Tortoise Eyes are very protective of their brethren, as they wish to not lose what they have worked hard for.  They also believe that everyone deserves a chance, and as such enjoy helping others, often to the point of self sacrifice.

While Tortoise Eyes have an undeniable respect for the world and their set of spiritual beliefs, they also have a profound ability to adapt, most standing behind a new type of technology that may be controversial to others for the “greater good”. Tortoise Eyes are often humanitarians or religious figureheads, though the personalities this Resonant attaches with are so varied that they can literally be anything or do anything, if they put their mind in it and have faith.

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