This user of this Resonant is often conflicted internally from events that have happened in the past. With a constant need to make amends with their perceived wrongs, they tend to travel from place to place or to stay distant from other people.

The Possessor is an ocular-based Resonant. Its powers cannot be used without eye contact.  When looking into someone’s eyes, the Possessor can possess the other person, read their mind, flip through their memories, and essentially “become” the other person, even having the ability to use the other person’s Resonant, if they have one.

The drawback to this Resonant is that while the Possessor is in control of someone else, the original body is left vulnerable to attack. Most Possessors, when taking control of another, often first hide their original bodies before continuing on with whatever their mission is.

The person being controlled by the Possessor is perfectly cognizant of everything that is happening, however they cannot affect the Possessor while they are in the person’s mind. Victims of a Possessor often describe being possessed as a time where they were forced to watch a movie, or where they were “trapped behind a glass wall, where I could see, feel, and hear everything that was going on but could do nothing to prevent it.”

Possessors that have participated in studies have told us that taking control of another often felt like they were in a dream; they could “…hear the other person’s thoughts and emotions, but it was like they were very far away. If the body was hurt while I was in it, I knew the host could feel the pain but it felt very distant to me.”

In addition to this, the Possessor can only take control of another body for a limited amount of time. Former covert ops Possessors have reported that staying in a body for prolonged periods of time made them feel weak and that the “imaginary wall between me and the host would grow thinner over time. I felt like we would switch places if I stayed inside of them for too long.”

There is a perceived time limit to how long a Possessor can stay in control of someone else, but the limit varies from person to person, studies say.

“There was one time,” a former soldier offered us, “That I stayed in for longer than I should’ve. Possessing someone is like holding onto to something with all of your might. Once your grip loosens, you lose the host. I was pushed out forcibly and when I awoke in my own body, I was told that my body had had a stroke and had been in a coma for some time. I was lucky to be alive.”

Possessors make great soldiers or government officials. They enjoy traveling from place to place or only having to deal with certain people for a limited amount of time.
They are dedicated in finishing their goals despite their perceived handicaps. Many Possessors do not use their Resonant frequently, or if they do, have made sure to know their limits.

It is not uncommon for Possessors to also become Ki Masters. Possessors find comfort in education, as they often feel that bettering their mind will better their person.

Few Possessors have become criminals, as many have a profound respect for life. It is believed that the ability to peek into others lives is what makes Possessors that much more vulnerable to the intricacies of their own.

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