Soul Stealer

The Soul Stealer is considered to be the best companion for the Phoenix Soul. The Soul Stealer refers both to the Resonance soul that is able to steal other resonance souls and combine with them, producing more powers for the host, as well as the host of the Soul Stealing Resonant.

There are many prophecies and stories regarding the Soul Stealer, but the most common one is that it will become irrevocably drawn toward the Phoenix Soul, and attempt to absorb it.

There have only been three Soul Stealers, and as such is considered a ‘new’ soul. All Soul Stealers aside from the current incarnation have never lived past 16. All Soul Stealers have been male.

The first Soul Stealer went mad with power, absorbing all souls it could. It managed to accumulate about thirty Resonance Souls before the host went insane and killed himself.
The second Soul Stealer, having learned from the first, was modest in its Rez use and became good friends with the Phoenix. This Soul Stealer was able to partially absorb the Phoenix, resulting in two hosts with the ability to use fire. It had no ability to regenerate however, and was murdered before it was fully able to absorb the Phoenix. This particular case was why the League dedicated a group of Seekers to find and kill all Soul Stealers.

The third Soul Stealer, instead of absorbing souls into himself, chose to switch souls and hosts. This evoked mass confusion. The Soul Stealer lost his mind and was murdered, but not before finding out that placing two souls in one body would automatically kill the host, unless one of the souls was not a Resonant(that particular situation resulted in a split personality disorder).

The Soul Stealers main power is to take souls and/or Resonants and displace them. Put them into other bodies, or into their own body. The Soul Stealer is limited in the fact that it cannot throw souls anywhere; it cannot bring them to the afterlife nor place them in non-living things or non-sentient beings. While the Soul Stealer can manipulate Souls of humans that have no Resonant, it can only manipulate the souls of animals with Resonants. (Animals With Rez are particularly rare, however).

When the Soul Stealer steals a soul and places it into his own body, the souls merge together. The Host of the Soul Stealer takes on a few personality traits of the host of the soul it has just stolen, as well as the ability to use the previous host’s Resonant. In theory, the Soul Stealer could accumulate unlimited Resonants and use them all at once, however it has never gotten very far, as was documented by the first Soul Stealer.

It has been revealed that any Resonance Soul absorbed by the Soul Stealer has not reincarnated. It is unknown whether the Resonants have been destroyed forever or have simply gone dormant, but none of the Resonants that have been absorbed by the Soul Stealer have been seen since. When the Soul Stealer itself reincarnates, it comes back with a blank slate, ready to absorb more souls.

Not much is known about the Soul Stealer as it is such a new Resonant, but many varying theories exist. Some believe the Soul Stealer was meant to kill the Phoenix Soul. Others say it was brought forth to help free it from its confines and destroy Gaia. Still others believe it is related to the Phoenix Soul in some way- that it is another Resonant with its own personality that will try to devour its host.

The Soul stealer has unique powers in that, in theory, it could absorb just the soul of a person or its Resonant. It hasn’t been documented whether previous Soul Stealers have tried absorbing one or the other instead of both at the same time, but should a Soul Stealer attempt this it will finally reveal whether Souls are permanently connected to Resonants or whether Resonants remain separate from a person’s soul.

The current Soul Stealer is suspected to have been reincarnated two to four years prior to this book’s publication date. Seekers from The League have indicated there was a spike in ki with the Soul Stealer signature near Talvia, close to the time the last Phoenix Soul destroyed itself.
Since then the Soul Stealer has remained dormant. It is unknown whether the Soul Stealer is alive or dead.

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