Phoenix Soul

The Phoenix Soul is considered the most powerful, most elusive, and most dangerous Resonance Soul. It is commonly shortened to simply “Phoenix”. It is a particularly old Resonant, having been reincarnated many times before. All of its hosts have been destroyed, overcome with the Phoenix Soul.
The Phoenix Soul is one of the few Resonants with its own personality. Its goal is to be the destroyer of all humankind, to overcome the chains of Man. It wishes for all Resonance Souls to be free to roam without bodies. As such, the Phoenix sees itself as a martyr, and its host to be a cage it must escape from.

The powers of the Phoenix given to the host body are unmetered control of fire, and the ability to revive itself through flames, like the mythical Phoenix bird. The host usually goes crazy with power, and is overcome by it, essentially blowing themselves up. In this fashion, the entire city is usually taken with them.

Most Phoenixes have a relatively normal life, albeit are fascinated with their fire powers. They usually become overconfident and full of themselves, believing they can achieve anything and are better than other people because of how powerful their Resonant is. However, there is a point in a Phoenix’s life which the Phoenix Soul’s personality begins to merge with that of the host- normally in the late teen years, but sometimes earlier or later (some see a connection to when the host first witnesses a frightening death).

At this time, they begin to rebel, and a particularly intense internal conflict wells up within them. Most Phoenixes die young, consumed by their power. Late 20s or early 30s. There have been some reports that a Phoenix has been able to live in everyday society– most notably the famous Lawyer of Cybil who chose to wear a RezSuspender and take out his anger on criminals.

The success stories of the Phoenix Soul hosts are few and far between however, which is why some factions exist to kill the Phoenix at every reincarnation.

The only way for a Phoenix to die is to incinerate it while the resonant is suspended. A special weapon was created by the Monte Cristons for this purpose, named simply “The Incinerator”. It forces the Resonant out of the host, effectively inducing the normal “blow up” that occurs when the Phoenix tries to consume the host on its own. Aside from this weapon, the only other method of sedating the Phoenix is placing a projectile in the heart or brain, which will prevent regeneration/revival of the body until the object is removed.

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