Jade Armor

Once seen as a “weak” Rez, the users who possess it are often strong-willed, intelligent, and make good leaders. The Jade Armor turns the skin into Jadeitite, a type of metamorphic rock, with a kickback of simple tiredness and sometimes headaches.

Normally this is seen as a defensive resonant, however turning a fist or leg into jade can increase attack power.

Users of Jade Armor are often percieved as much better than they actually are. This Resonant is adept at creating an image they want others to see. If they are not rich but wish to be seen as such, they can easily achieve this, for instance.

Jade Armors find it easy to accomplish the goals they wish, and are often punished with an ever-increasing boredom. They usually take on a high status early in life, and are left feeling as if they have truly achieved nothing. They traditionally crave excitement but are unable to give themselves any reprieve due to the bondages of their perceived social status.

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