07 – Resonant Philosophy


“Resonance Souls are like a more advanced version of the zodiac,” Esvera stated, scooting up close to her student. “Every Resonant has a type of soul it likes to attach to. For example: The Phoenix. People who have the Phoenix as their rez are often stubborn, full of themselves, and overconfident in their fire powers.”
Ms. Rose’s dark blue eyes looked deep into her student’s, which were covered with thick sunglasses.
“Mr. Dantes has the Jade Armor. People with that Resonant are often strong, intelligent, and make good leaders.”

The student, only fifteen, finally spoke. “This seems like common sense,” he muttered, not really interested.
“A rez can tell a lot about a person, Q. My rez is the Tortoise Eye, for instance. I can protect myself and others as well as identify other people’s rez from their use of ki.”

“You mean energy?” Q questioned the vocabulary.

“Yes. The energy we use for our special gifts is called ki.” Esvera sighed. “But your limiter prevents you from using either.”

The student was quick to change the subject. “So what does the Tortoise Eye say about you?”

Ms. Rose smirked. “Tortoise Eyes like helping other people, to the point of self-sacrifice.”

Q frowned, his greying hair falling over his glasses. He hardly had any of his original hair color left anymore. Except his tail, which was still a fluffy dark brown.
“Is that usually how they die? Self sacrifice?”

“Yes,” Esvera answered. “Unfortunately so.”

Q looked down, his tail swaying solemnly. “I don’t think I’d want to predict my own death.”

Esvera patted her student on the back and handed him a large Book entitled “Resonant Philosophy”.
“This documents the known reoccurring resonants that have been studied and what kind of reincarnation patterns they have.”

Q took the book, albeit wearily.
“That is, if you ever change your mind,” Esvera chimed.

Q held the book in his left hand, staring at it before flipping it over to look at the back, which held some long description about this newfound science and what unprecedented information it could hold. After a few moments, he finally asked what was on his mind.
“Is it bad to hide away a rez? And your ki? If resonants are such a big part of us, does that mean I’m killing myself?”

Esvera ran a hand through her light blonde hair before her maternal instincts kicked in.
She hugged the teenager. “I don’t know. Maybe. Nobody’s ever had such a strong limiter on at such a young age,” she whispered.
“But I am sure you’ll be okay. You’ve lasted this long, right?”

Q shook a bit in his teacher’s arms.
“It’s just… I’m afraid.”

Esvera pet her student’s greying hair, shushing him. “A Resonant is nothing to be afraid of,” she whispered.

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