05 – Parenthood

“Stupid Tali was being annoying again. Is it wrong that I actually want to learn shit at school?” Sim whined, taking his jacket off and throwing it and himself onto a tan couch.
“Simion,” Amigo gave a hushed correction. “You shouldn’t talk like that.”

Sim mumbled a groan. Amigo didn’t like cussing.
A few feet away, Kingsley was making stirfry in the kitchen. The sizzling in the pan was all that was heard in the brief silence.

Amigo crossed his arms over his chest.
“If you ignore her, she’ll grow bored and leave you alone,” he said, chastising Sim.

At this, Sim jumped up, yelling into his guardian’s face.
“That’s not the point! I’m tired of her thinking she owns everything! That she can do whatever the hell she wants, just because her parents are Mafia!”

“I highly doubt that’s the reason–” Amigo tried to intervene.

“No!” Sim swung an arm out toward Amigo, pushing the man away from him as he stood. “I’m tired of this! I’m not getting held back again!”

Kingsley turned the stove off with a sigh, ignoring the situation in the other room.

“Sim! If you would just listen–” Amigo shouted back, finally about to lose his temper.
But it was too late, Sim has left the apartment, stomping out and slamming the door behind him. Amigo groaned loudly, situating himself on the couch in defeat. He solemnly reached over and brought Sim’s jacket into his lap. He bit his lip.

Kingsley walked over with the pan of stirfry and a fork. He handed the fork to Amigo and offered the pan.
“It wasn’t a mistake,” Kingsley said softly, finally, after a worrisome silence.
Amigo looked up questioningly.
“Even if he does something stupid tonight, did you not listen to his words? He wants to learn. You taught him right.”

Amigo sighed again, placed the fork in the pan and looked down at Sim’s jacket, clutching it as if it were that of a fallen comrade’s.
Kingsley took the pan back and placed a piece of meat in his mouth, swallowing it while walking back to the kitchen to eat the rest.
“He envies you. You’ve raised him well,” he said again.

Amigo still wasn’t so sure.

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