04 – Frivolty

“And I said you’re a moron!” Tali screamed at Sim, or rather, the crowd of thirty Sims.
The right wing of the school had long a go been reduced to fiery rubble. It had been at least an hour and the two kids were still fighting.

School had ended thirty minutes a go.

“I am so sick of your shit!” the crowd of Sims bellowed, gathering together to pick up a large boulder.

“HEY!” A man with silver hair in a hawaiian shirt and khaki pants shouted from the sidelines.
The crowd of Sims looked over with shock. It was Amigo.
“What’re you doing here…?” The original Sim sputtered, all his copies dissipating in flumes of smoke, causing the boulder to drop to the ground.

Tali began laughing. “Haha! Oh, that’s grand! Look who’s DADDY showed up to save him!”

Amigo glared at Tali, and a lightning bolt struck the ground near her. She shrieked in terror as thunder rolled and raindrops began to pellet them so hard it hurt. The man had already held up an umbrella by this point.

“Tali, you should stop using your Rez so frivolously. You too, Sim. We have worked very hard to get this school here and the both of you show no respect. Go home, Phoenix.” He lectured, then looked to Sim. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

It was eerie how silent the children were. Tali just looked down as the water turned to a slight sizzling steam about her and Sim jogged under the safety of Amigo’s umbrella, the both of them turning to walk home.
After they had left, Tali kicked a rock. “Ha. Frivolous. Sure.” She spoke with no enthusiasm as the rain let up.

Hours later, Tali found herself at home, watching TV. Her place was a ramshackle of an apartment. It had scorched walls and a few tear marks in the rug, as if from long claws. The couch she was sitting on was melted on the backside. Finally, her door flew open and in walked her boyfriend, who was three years older than herself and much more laid back.

His hands were full of styrofoam boxes, each smelling of some different type of food. The eighteen year old worked in an Italian restaurant. The very same restaurant, in fact, that Tali’s parent’s owned.
“Winston wanted to give you this,” the man grunted, dropping a box into Tali’s lap before making his way to the refrigerator to preserve the rest.

“Oh, Winston,” Tali grumbled, shoving the box to the side and getting up to close and lock the door.
“How was work?” She turned, watching her roommate with curious red-orange eyes.

The man shrugged. “It was work.”
His blue eyes looked down to his tie as he loosened it and his collar. He was wearing a suit. While his fingers worked on getting his tie off, he dryly asked “How was school?”

That was enough for a spark to fly from Tali’s feet. “Sim got into a fight with me again!”
She glowered. “I don’t even know why! I was just singing my favorite song and–”

“You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid?” The man interrupted, his dark brown hair covering most of his face. The tie finally came off with a sigh of relief.

“Yeah!” Tali stomped her foot, putting out the small fire the spark from earlier had started. She then walked back to the couch and violently opened the box of food. Inside was fried Calamari. She started to pop pieces in her mouth while she talked.
“He was being as big a douche as ever even that new teacher Kingsley butted in but eventually they all left and Sim and I fought and I was winning of course–” Here she took some time to swallow her food– “But Sim’s DAD came and broke us up- What a cheap shot!”

The boy was only half listening as he leaned his back against a countertop, poking at a salad.
“Uh huh,” he unamusingly answered.
The boy’s name was Fortenra Askasa.

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