His real name is unknown to all but his employer, Edmond. Once a sniper-for-hire, Q owes his life to Edmond, and would give his life for him. Also an outsider, Q migrated to Dexterity following Edmond two years a go.

He keeps mostly to himself, and doesn’t talk much. When he does speak, it is usually something that needs to be said. Q smokes clove cigarettes, wears sunglasses all the time, and has a passion for music, popping in a CD whenever he is alone in his room.

Ever since Q came to Dexterity, he was drawn toward Tali. He always was attempting to find a way to truly kill her, once and for all. As revealed in chapter one, Q finally was able to shoot her, and in chapter three, take the girl back to his home.

Now that the girl is in his possession, he still seems drawn to her, but can’t seem to figure out why. Q will lose himself simply staring at her.

As revealed in Chapter Seven, Q owns a rez limiter, which he uses to conceal his ki and render him unable to use his own resonance Soul. It is revealed why in chapter 8.

In chapter 13, Edmond catches Q unknowingly try to steal Tali’s Soul. Q’s Resonance Soul is named the “Soul Stealer”. He has the ability to steal souls from others and place them in other bodies, even his own. It was he who seperated Opal and Aine. Aine resides inside of Q’s body.

With the limiter on him, he is able to remain himself with another soul inside of him, uninterrupted. Without his limiter, the two souls will eventually merge together to form one. As Q’s limiter continues to break, he gains more of Aine’s former personality, and the ability to use her Rez.

Q is not educated in the Prophecies, and doesn’t know that as the Soul Stealer, he is doomed to merge with the Phoenix. Edmond tries to protect him from this, but since Q is left confused and punished for seemingly no reason, Q believes Edmond has betrayed him and takes things a step too far to compensate in chapter 15.

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