Edmond Dantes / The Count of Monte Cristo

The count is an outsider to Dexterity. He is a skilled fighter, but remains mostly to himself and his selfish desires, while still managing to somehow remain cordial.
He resides in a large castle, coincidentally named The Castle of the Count of Monte Cristo. The castle was built and abandoned before Edmond came to live in it. The castle is still under repairs, and while haggard, the interior is mostly hospitable and adorned with priceless things.

Edmond is despaired by the lack of challengers who match his strength. While he does not go out of his way to fight others, people go out of theirs to kill him. Instead of wasting his time with them, he has his servants do it instead.

Most of his servants are misfits that he took in and trained himself. While Edmond has an unrivaled need for retribution, it is still apparent he has a soft side.
His Rez can transform his skin into a jade Armor, turn his body into a mass of monarch butterflies, and allow him to control others through eye contact.

Of Edmond’s servants, William and Q seem to be his closest. William is the most loyal while Q appears to be the strongest. As revealed in Ch. 8, Edmond and Q share a special bond. They aren’t friends, and they aren’t master – servant. There is a deep trust held between them. They would offer their lives up for eachother.

While Edmond doesn’t approve of the way Q does things, he still accepts the man. Q was one of his first followers, and Q owes his life to the Count.

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