03 – The Phoenix and the Doppelganger

(Fifteen years later)

Kingsley wore a black trenchcoat and boasted long black hair and blue eyes. A black umbrella lay on his desk and a katana was sheathed at his left hip. He was in the process of writing a sentence diagram on the chalkboard when a particularly unruly student started singing loudly from her seat.
Such interruptions were common, especially considering the source. The student’s name was Tali, and she believed she owned the school.
As the fifteen year old continued to belt out the lyrics to “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” Kingsley tried his best to ignore her and continue drawing his diagram.

The other students had long a go covered their ears with their hands and began to groan and bellow. One of them yelled for the teacher to do something about it. But as Kingsley turned around, another student started to challenge the girl. His name was Sim.

“Shut the hell up!” the boy bellowed, jumping atop his desk and throwing a soda can at the girl with fiery red hair.
Tali pulled one of her earbuds out with a disgusted look on her face as she stood up and threw the can right back at Sim’s head, which had blue-white hair.
“I sing good and you know it!” Tali screeched, the rest of the students beginning to get anxious.

“The hell you do!” Sim shot back, his body splitting into two. One of the Sims jumped at Tali.

“Now wait a second–” Kingsley shouted from behind the safety of his desk at the head of the classroom.

Tali’s red-orange hair flared up around her as a wall surrounded her, burning the copy of Sim that had been lunging toward her.
“Fuck you!” She screamed, tossing a fireball from her hand toward the original Sim that had stayed behind.
The Sim copy had not writhed in pain for long before it dissolved into the air. It was a doppleganger.

The original Sim split into two once more, both of them jumping in different directions to avoid the fireball. The other students had already begun to panic and get out of their seats, rushing to the door. But before they could go anywhere, Tali became even more infuriated with Sim and threw more fireballs, consequently lighting most of the room and the furniture within it on fire.

In the blink of an eye, Kingsley grabbed his umbrella and swung it like a sword one time in front of his desk.

“I SAID WAIT!” the teacher boomed, the wind from his umbrella’s slash putting out all the flames as well as knocking over a majority of the desks and students.
Everyone stared at Kingsley in shock. It was unusual for a teacher to get caught up in student affairs.
But the silence and shock was only momentary, as five seconds later, all the students ran out of the classroom, leaving the Phoenix and the Doppelganger to continue their fight.

Kingsley watched with disappointment as flames were shot, walls and furniture were destroyed, people were duplicated, and insults were hurled.
It was yet another normal day at Sniper Academy.
The teacher turned around and began to erase his diagram before it was done for him by a stray fireball. The chalkboard was destroyed.

The man sighed and dropped the eraser to the floor. “Don’t bother coming to school tomorrow,” Kingsley stated, doubting they were listening.
“That goes for the both of you.”

With that, he grabbed his briefcase and his umbrella and left the school. Nothing else was going to be taught that day.

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