23 – No Resonants Found Here

William opened the door to the castle of Monte Cristo, only to promptly have his throat grabbed by the hand of a man, his head grasped between the two hands of another man, and a third man, shorter than the other two, waved slightly with a smile on his face. The second man broke William’s neck, the first man allowed the servant’s body to drop with the aide of the second’s, and the third man closed his eyes and said “Hello.”

The three men were the Trisks. The oldest had the shortest hair of light brown, almost orange. He wore a quite unique, almost alien black scarf that wound about him, the collar covering his mouth. This scarf, the nightmare scarf, moved on its own occassionally, but for the most part, simply hung about around the brother’s body, as if defying gravity. This brother’s name was TriskDaemon. He wore armor underneath his scarf made of draconfur, the stongest and lightest of metals. His eyes were a piercing blue, and he was the first of the men to have assaulted William. Triskdaemon was the noblest of the three.

The second man was Triskellion. This brother wore another nightmare scarf, but no armor. His skin was not of a normal color, so he covered it up as much as possible. Triskellion was not human, and he wore varying clothes from day to day. Today he happened to be wearing all black, with a black hat. Triskellion was the harshest and most mysterious of the three.

The third brother was the first to walk into the castle. He was the youngest, with the same orange hair of Triskdaemon, but medium-length, and sloppily styled. His name was Triskon. He wore saggy jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. He was the most comedic and inexperienced of the three.

The second person to walk into the door was Triskdaemon, the third of course being Triskellion.  As Triskon walked through the expanse of the castle, he shouted for Edmond. His voice had a playful tone in it. Triskon was not one who liked killing just yet, though he was good at it when the time came. He was still in training; he still had time to perfect it. For now he would play. He would play as long as he could, until he earne dhis nightmare scarf.

The Trisks walked around the mansion for a good hour, but they could not find Edmond, nor any of his other servants. Triskdaemon assumed they were all hiding, while Triskellion knew the assumption to be true. The Trisks had nothing between the servants, however. Their reason for being here was Edmond. He had broken the treaty with the League, and he needed to be dealt with.

“Maybe he’s not here,” Triskon finally murmured to himself, sitting on the couch in one of the main rooms.
Triskdaemon hmphed, crossing his arms over his chest. “Probably knew we were coming,” he stated.
Triskellion stood near the couch, simply looking around, taking everything in. After a moment, a voice rang through the other brothers’ thoughts. Triskellion used telepathy to speak.
Mr. Dantes will be back shortly. We will wait here.

About twenty minutes later, a flurry of butterflies flew through the still-open door, over William’s body. Once Edmond reformed at the other side of it, a look of stunned awe came over his face as he stared at William. It had been two days since Q’s disappearance, and Edmond had gone to get the Negator in case Q came back to him. It was in a small package about the size of a ring box in his hand.
Edmond tossed the box on a nearby table and unsheathed his rapier, looking for who did this to his most faithful servant. A flurry of thoughts went through his mind, until he saw one of the Trisks. He stopped in mid-stride and dropped his rapier to the ground, it clinking and rolling away as he hurriedly went to a knee in a bow. “Triskdaemon,” he rushed, hanging his head.

Triskdaemon was the only Trisk Edmond had met before. The oldest brother stepped forward, uncrossing his arms and laying a hand on the back of the couch where his younger brother sat. “Edmond,” he replied in mock greeting, signalling it possible for the Monte Cristo to finally rise. And he did so, picking up his rapier and sheathing it immediately.
“What brings you here?” Edmond stammered. Formalities. He knew exactly why they were here.

“One of our Seers informed us of a violation of the treaty. That you were keeping a Soul Stealer under your care, and you allowed this Soul Stealer to merge with the Pheonix Soul. We enlisted you as the count to prevent this from happening.” The scarf about the Trisk twitched slightly.

“No,” Edmond shook his head. “That can’t be possible- he couldn’t have merged with her– I, I haven’t felt it. His or her ki for quite a while. He ran away from me, I had..” Edmond was stumbling over his words.

“Edmond, you are making a fool of yourself. We did not come here to kill you. The League believes keeping you here is punishment enough,” Triskdaemon interrupted.
The count let out a sigh of relief.

“You will be stripped of your title and savings,” the Trisk continued, “And banished from Monte Cristo or having any dealings with the Prophecies.”
Edmond stepped back, shaking. “What, no, Please, Triskd-”
“Furthermore,” the Trisk continued, his voice covering that of the former Count’s, “your ties with The League are cut in all forms; your servants–” Triskdaemon’s voice raised, so the servants could hear him. “If any of them have Resonance Souls, they are to be drained,” The Trisk’s blue eyes again went back to Edmond, his eyes almost apologetic as his voice lowered to near a whisper. “As are yours.”

“No!” Edmond took another step back, “You can’t do this! Please, Triskdaemon, you know me! I would not breach the treaty so easily! I did not know!”
It was a sad state to see Mr. Dantes in. His past had come forward to haunt him. His decisions, what he thought would lead to good- they turned him in. The League founded the nation of Monte Cristo. It employed him to take care of the Pheonix Soul. It was his duty, his dream, to kill the Pheonix once and for all and to house the weaker soldiers of the world. He was a proud man and a teacher. He was bound to his duty, and the fact he would be betrayed by his own birthright was more than just a stab in the back.
It frightened him.

TriskDaemon looked back to Triskellion, who was walking forward. Triskdaemon sympathized with Edmond; the man had done much good for their country, and this punishment was one worse than death. He looked to his younger brother for answers. Triskellion had an intelligence higher than any human’s. His mind was not to be questioned. He would have the final say. Edmond looked to the second Trisk in a panic. He took another step back in fear, but he knew he could not run. There was still a chance to overturn this. He knew Triskdaemon. Triskdaemon would not do this unless it were absolutely necassary. Would he?

His intentions were pure, the voice rang through everyone’s thoughts. The Soul Stealer ran to him before he came to Dexterity. He did not know it was the Soul Stealer at first. There was a pause. Triskon sat up on the couch backward, his hands over the back so he could watch the scene. He knew better than to intervene, however. Dealing with those accused was a job for only those who had earned their nightmare scarves.

When he found out the true identity of the Soul Stealer, he was hesitant at first. But the Soul Stealer was naive, and wore a Negator. Edmond believed this naivety would help him destroy the Pheonix. At that point, it had already helped him locate the new reincarnation. The Soul Stealer knows nothing of the prophecies. Edmond believed it would work to their gain.
He tells the truth of the Soul Stealer running away. It was not Edmond’s intention for the merge. It has been a series of unfortunate events, beginning with the Soul Stealer’s Negator malfunctioning.

Triskellion turned his head toward Triskdaemon.

Edmond’s innocence could be fought for.

Edmond and Triskdaemon seemed to relax slightly.

The Punishment for not telling the Seekers of the Soul Stealer’s whereabouts however, would not decrease by much. Triskellion’s form spoke directly to Edmond, now. You may keep your Resonance Soul and one third of your savings, but all other sentences remain.

Edmond looked to Triskdaemon again, pleading.
“I am sorry,” Triskdaemon stated. “Triskellion’s word is law.” He turned his head toward Triskon. “Round up all the servants,” he ordered.

“Please!” Edmond shouted. “They have lost enough! They had nothing to do with this!”
Triskellion’s beady black eyes stared into Edmond’s. It is theirs or your own.
With that, Edmond became silent, hanging his head.

“You should’ve known better,” Triskdaemon stated. “He was dangerous even if he was not the Soul Stealer. I thought you had dealt with the Talvians before.”
Edmond was taken aback. “He was different!” he shot back. “He came to me for guidance!”

As Triskon began returning with a line of servants, Triskdaemon could not sympathize with Edmond for much longer. “You should have at least contacted the Seekers. They and the Monte Cristos are supposed to be a team.”

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