21 – Wasted Time

Tootz could not handle this anymore, and screamed at the top of her lungs “STOP!!”
Everyone instantly looked to, and promptly feel asleep. Everyone except Mercain, and Sim, that was. Tootz herself also fell asleep.

All six of the Sims jumped at the now downfallen Q and began to bang up the man as he was asleep. Mercain sighed, walking over to Amigo and Ismaru, waiting for Sim to get bored.
It only took Sim about 1 minute to dispel his doppelgangers and jump atop Q’s back. The man was more bloodied than ever.

“Not so tough now, are you?! Hah!” shouted Sim, angrily.
He turned to Mercain, who was trying to pull Amigo from Ismaru.

“What are you doing?” Sim asked, walking over.

“Trying to separate him from Ismaru, duh. What’s it look like?” Mercain was beginning to doubt that this had been such a good idea. He should’ve just stayed in his office and devised a way to kill Edmond.

Sim grabbed Ismaru and began to pull, while Mercain pulled Amigo. Eventually the two pulled apart after a bunch of grunts and each falling in the opposing directions at their success.

“You know,” Sim suggested, getting onto a knee from his fall, “Since they’re together like this, we could torture Ismaru in front of Amigo. That’d totally kill the guy.”

Mercain sighed. “Don’t you think that’s kind of cruel? All he did was not let you in on his plan.”
The hacker may have wanted to off Edmond, but Amigo was sort of his friend. Mercain also knew Ismaru was Amigo’s son, and that really was cruel. If Mercain had a son, he’d kill himself before he let anything happen to him.

“Does it really matter if it’s cruel? I mean, we’re assassins, Mercain.”

“No,” Mercain answered. “You’re an assassin. I’m just a hacker.” The hacker kicked Amigo once, then after a grunt, Amigo got up by himself and began to run outside.

“What’d you do?” Sim was confused, as he heard the elevator go on in the distance, Amigo going up.
“The Pheonix is running from him, and he’s following it. Back at your apartment. You go deal with your problem there. Now you owe me.” Mercain eyed Q.

Sim turned around, looking at the bloodied mass on the floor. “Fine, but I really don’t understand what you want with him anyway.” This retribution mission wasn’t as fulfilling as Sim had hoped.

Mercain took a deep breath, and then Q too got up and ran outside. The hacker closed his eyes and shook slightly, his knees going weak.
“Hey, are you okay?!” Sim shouted, coming to Mercain before the man collapsed.

As Sim held his partner up, Mercain groaned slightly. “Guess I can’t do this as many times in one day as I thought I could.”

Sim swallowed with a hmph, looking at the people left. Roy, Shoy, Tali, Askasa, Ismaru, a vampire, a tanned explorer-type person, and a sexless body that looked suspiciously like a girlier version of Roy.

“Mercain,” Sim asked softly after a long pause, “Do you know who that girl who looks like Roy on the floor is?”

Mercain hmphed and looked to Sin. He had never seen the androgynous body before, but he could guess. “Amigo said he was planning something big. That guy really loves the Pheonix Soul. Wants to be involved in the Prophecies. It wouldn’t surprise me if this body was made to house the real Pheonix Soul. But I don’t know for sure.”

Sim cocked his head, shifting his weight, Mercain now able to stand up by himself. “What do you mean true Pheonix Soul? Tali’s right there…”

Mercain chuckled slightly. “The Pheonix soul is the only Resonance Soul with a personality all its own. Tali’s personality is not the Pheonix’s.”

“But I thought we were just trying to kill the Pheonix all this time.”

Mercain groaned. “Well yeah, in a sense. Edmond wanted to kill the Pheonix for good. Amigo just wanted to kill Tali and force the soul to reincarnate where he wanted it. I guess he finally figured out how.”

Sim scratched his head for a moment, in thought. Finally he walked forward and righted the Wheelchair, then went to pick up Sin. She was very thin and light, which surprised Sim. He placed her in the wheelchair as best he could and then pushed her out the door of the room.

“I’m gonna take her back to the apartment then. When is your Rez gonna wear off?”
Mercain shrugged. “It already has. Everyone here is just in a natural sleep. So whenever they decide to wake up.”

“Okay then, let’s go before they wake up,” Sim mentioned, getting into the elevator. Mercain followed, a few feet behind.
Mercain couldn’t help feeling that this was a big waste of time and energy for something so immature as the elevator went up to the night-filled skies of groundlevel.

There were still many puddles on the ground. One of which Sim walked atop, taking the wheelchair with him, and promptly disappeared. A few minutes later, Sim came out of the very same puddle and took Mercain’s hand. Sim took Mercain through the azure mirror (that was what the space between reflective surfaces was called) and into his own office through the bathroom’s mirror, where Q awaited near the door, passed out.

Sim briefly thanked Mercain for the help with everything and wished him luck, returning through the bathroom’s mirror to the apartment’s, where he opened the door for Amigo, who had also passed out on the floor.

“So what if I’m not as smart as you are,” Sim told the unconscious Amigo as he dragged the body inside the apartment. “At least I got to beat up that stupid Q guy.”

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