20 – Of Wind and Blood

Inside the sealed room, there were ten bodies. Fortenra, Tali, Q, Shoy, Amigo, Sin, Roy, Teddy, Tootz, and Ismaru. Only eight of these bodies were alive. And only eight bodies had the souls they were born with inside them.

Currently, Sin was standing, with the aid of the Pheonix’s ki, near the corner of the room. In that corner,  were also Amigo and Tootz and Roy, though they were on opposing walls. Ismaru was last seen walking toward Sin, however he had disappeared into the shadows. His Resonance Soul still reigned supreme, however, as the room was beginning to fall apart with the cycling winds.

Ismaru had never had full control over his wind ability. He never truly liked it. The pale-skinned teen who obsessively wore all black to match his ruffled medium length hair had preferred to study ninjutsu.  He was merely sixteen, younger than everyone else. He lived with his mother, who never talked about his father. Ismaru, despite his obsession with ninjas, had never killed anyone. He’d never seen death up close and personal, despite being with Tali and the others.

Until now, Ismaru was innocent.

But right now, as countless incarnations of the Wind Souls before him, Ismaru was finally sick of being the stay-behind, young cheerleader on the sidelines who supported the team. His defense had turned into offense. His gentility to hostility. His friend’s enemy and supposed killer was his own enemy. And Ismaru was going to kill that bitch dead.

The winds changed direction, and pinpointed toward the Pheonix. Sin’s colorful hair flew behind her, and the ki which protected her spelled the wall at her back’s demise. It finally crumpled and revealed the hidden laboratory where Sin, the body the Pheonix Soul now resided in, was created.

That was when Amigo bit his thumb. He had jumped from the retreating and falling wall near to him, and now he looked about for the hidden Ismaru. Despite how he felt about the Pheonix, how he had to protect her, he also had to protect this innocent boy. He knew the Pheonix could handle herself. Ismaru, however…

“Wind Soul,” The Pheonix came out, still held in place by her own ki and unphased by the wind screaming at her. “I am and old soul, lest you forget. I do not have to rely on my eyes to see you. Please stop this nonsense before I am forced to send you away from your friends.”

Three kunai knives came from seemingly nowhere, each angled for a different point – the head, the heart, and the right foot. Each struck the Pheonix’s ki and dropped to the ground, glowing red from heat. A dew shuriken were thrown from a different origin and came to the same fate. With what seemed like a sigh, the Pheonix pointed a hand toward the ceiling in the center of the room. A wave of fire exploded from her hand in a straight line toward what seemed invisible. Amigo took the hint and quickly jumped in the way of the flame. It was only when he reached the target of the flame could he see his own son– Ismaru. The Wind Soul’s eyes widened as Amigo hugged the amateur ninja, screaming while the flames hit his spine, and burned off his suit. He fell to the ground with his blood-relative still in his grasp, a torrent of rain a bit too late to protect him from his injuries. A shocked Shoy called out from afar, forcing Q’s body to run toward his comrade, who had passed out again, holding a deathgrip on Ismaru, who was struggling to get free.

Q/Shoy wasn’t the only one who took notice. Everyone else was quite shocked. Roy among the most. He ran toward his boss, screaming about his father, only to fall down on his knees near the two and place his hands on Amigo, attempting to regenerate the man.

“You idiot! Let me go! Why even bother!!” shouted a confused, but nontheless still pissed off Ismaru. He couldn’t get free, and although Amigo’s burns were healing the man would not regain consciousness for quite a while. The rain had stopped once the man had fainted, and the puddles in the room were evaporating quickly around the Pheonix.

Relentless, the red eyes turned to the current group of two adults and two children. She rose her hand again, preparing for another attack. The precipitation from the puddles created a dull mist about them, hard to breathe in. As her hand glowed, Tootz lifted her hand to put the Soul to sleep. She was interrupted by the door being knocked down once more, this time to introduce Sim and Mercain to the game.

The Pheonix swiftly turned around and shot her flames toward Sim, who simply doubled himself. His doppelganger was hit, but his original body grabbed Mercain’s hand and pulled him fully into the room.

“What are you doing here?!” Roy turned to the two new faces, his voice cracking in worry. “You’re not supposed to be here!”

“Yeah, well, I’m here now, aren’t I?!” Sim roared, jumping toward the madman. Mercain tried to stop him but failed to. As Sim went toward Roy, he doubled himself once, twice, three times. There were six Sims, all fraught with jealousy and frustration at being left out of what was apparently some big party.

Q/shoy growled and ran toward the forgotten kunai knives and shurikens on the floor. Rolling to his destination, he quickly grabbed each and threw one to a respective doppelganger. Each one hit its target and did what was intended: switch their attention toward himself.

Mercain’s eyes darted around. He was nervous, but after surveying his surroundings, he knew what he could do here. There were twelve original bodies including his own. Two were dead. One was unconscious. Approximately three were fighting…

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