19 – Illusion

Sim glared into the mirror hanging on the wall in his apartment. It had been hours since Shoy and Amigo had gone out. They should’ve been back by now. He had tried to contact them but it was obvious they were nowhere near any reflective surfaces. He couldn’t find that Q guy either.
He knew of one person he could contact, though… A person who was just as frustrated as he was about being left out.

The teenager went to the laptop, opening it up and quickly calling Mercain.
The hacker on the other end had repaired his camera and when he had answered, immediately proclaimed, “What do you want?” He turned in his chair, a dart in his hand, a sudden realization coming across his face. “Sim? You never call.”

Sim groaned, slamming his hands on the desk the laptop was sitting on. “Mercain, do you know where Amigo and Shoy are?”
The hacker shook his head. “No, and I honestly couldn’t care about them.”

Sim hmphed. “Well I care. They’ve been gone for several hours and I know they’re keeping something silent from me. Amigo mentioned a plan to you, what was it?”
Mercain shrugged. “Something about capturing the Pheonix, probably. Doesn’t really matter to me.”

“Mercain! Work with me here! Why would they leave me out of the loop? Are they going against me?! They’re your friends, too!”

At that, Mercain laughed. “They’re no friends of mine, Sim. I just get paid by them. They probably just thought you’d get in the way or something. You are a bit weak.”

“Weak?!” Sim was disgusted. “I am far from–” he swept his hand, changing direction. “Whatever. That doesn’t matter. You have to help me get them back. They obviously don’t care about us. Let’s go kick their ass and show them we’re still alive.”

Mercain looked down at his dart’s feathers, and flicked them absentmindedly. “Sorry. I’m busy.”
Sim rolled his eyes. “Yeah, right. With what? Killing Edmond? You don’t even have a Rez.”

Mercain looked up with a scowl. “I do too have a Rez.”

Mercain leaned forward with a grin, his arms coming through Sim’s laptop screen and grabbing the boy’s neck. Sim couldn’t get out of the man’s grip, and as much as he struggled, Mercain’s grip only got tighter. Sim’s eyes bulged and his life’s memories were passing by his eyes. Right before he passed out, he fell to the ground. Coughing and shaking, once he looked up he realized Mercain had not moved, and was again stroking the feathers of the dart in his hand.

“So you see, I’ll just be killing my enemies that way from now on.”

Sim managed to stand back up after a moment, feeling his neck and glaring at Mercain, wondering how what had just happened was possible. He decided to not address it. Sim knew he couldn’t handle Shoy and Amigo by himself. And Mercain’s Rez was proof that the hacker could indeed be a great ally.
“Listen, Mercain. I know you’re adamant about killing Edmond and all, but if you’ll remember, it was Amigo who told you to go out there and meet the guy in the first place. It’s Amigo’s fault you went crazy while you were over there and probably blew your cover. And it’s Amigo’s fault you’re not with the Pheonix right now. We were both tossed to the side by him, we should both be able to get him back for it. You know? Revenge.”

Mercain sighed, playing with his dart in his lap. “I don’t know…”

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