18 – This Hot Room

Teddy went straight for Q. She threw a line of electricity to the man, who was squinting, his eyes not too used to the light. Electricity being bright didn’t help, either. Nonetheless, Shoy was adept at martial arts and even in another body he was able to dodge the hit.

“Roy!” Shoy, as Q, yelled out, as he continued to sidestep or jump away from Teddy’s continual electric attacks. “Turn out the lights!”

Q was finding it very difficult to see, and while Q’s legs were much faster with the aid of ki, Shoy was feeling uneasy in that it felt as if he did not have control of it all. Teddy had closed the distance between herself and Q however, with a brilliant smile on her face.

Tootz looked to Tali on the floor, then Sin, and promptly stepped to the side with her arms crossed over her chest. She was not the fighting type. Roy looked to Q then to the lights overhead, and panicked, doing nothing.

“Possessors are always interesting,” The Pheonix said solemnly, making a small flicking motion with her fingers. All the lightbulbs shattered in the building. “We will see what he can do with Brother’s body.”

Teddy jumped back momentarily, as did Q to the opposing side so they were apart. “I am not who you think I am,” Q’s voice rasped.
Teddy brought down her goggles, so she could see Q’s ki. He had two different colors. Which was interesting. Teddy jumped forward with a lightning punch, but Q’s hand caught it in mid-flight. Q’s strength was comparable to Shoy’s old body. “Tell me, do you see a Rez with those?” Shoy knew of the goggles that could see ki and define Rez. He never had a pair, but having traveled the world, he at least knew of them.

Teddy stepped back, with a gasp. “You’re not the Soul Stealer…” She would have continued with “Are you wearing a Rez Suspender?” But she was interrupted by Askasa, who’s wires shot threw the air and wrapped up Q’s body, squeezing it.

Ismaru and Fortenra had entered the game late, but no less aghast. They first inspected Tali’s body as Teddy was fighting Q/Shoy. The lights went out, and as Ismaru was filled with sorrow once more over his friend, his partner was filled with anger. It had taken a while, but Askasa was able pinpoint Q/Shoy’s location once his night vision had settled in.
He was now walking toward Q, wires tightening with each step. “…Fortenra…?” Q’s voice was higher pitched, and softer.

“You killed her… You killed her…” Askasa whispered to himself in the dark.
Q’s eyes were able to see clear as day. He should’ve dodged Askasa’s wires, but was too overcome with shock. He knew Fortenra was a friend of Tali’s, but never did he think to see the boy here, now, while Shoy was stuck in someone else’s body. He took a deep breath and held it. Askasa continued to constrict his wires as if he were a predatory snake.

“Why would you–” Askasa’s line was interrupted by Teddy.
“Stop! He’s not the soul stealer!”

The wires constricted slightly, and Q/Shoy winced.
“It doesn’t matter,” Fortenra growled, “you kidnapped her, I bet you shot her too,” the wires were beginning to tear Q’s clothes as they tightened. “And then you killed her… You bastard…”

Shoy knew he shouldn’t attempt talking, but he did it anyway. “I’m not Q,” He said. “I–” Fortenra threw his head back and laughed.
“As if I will believe that.”

Sin frowned. The Pheonix knew Shoy had the ability to get free from Askasa. Possessors were always skilled. Why the Possessor was even in this position in the first place was confusing for the Soul.

“If it’s the Pheonix you are after Decay Arm,” Sin bellowed, “I am it.”

Fortenra threw his wires, Q in tow, against the wall. “I don’t care about the Pheonix!” Askasa roared. “I want Tali back!”

As Shoy/Q was thrown against the wall, he threw his ki outward. Q had a surplus of ki that Shoy didn’t really understand, but it would be to his advantage regardless. Askasa felt it before it was coming but couldn’t figure out how to dodge such an amount without letting go. So, he loosened his grip and jumped above. Q/Shoy broke free of the loosened grip and followed pursuit, using his ki to propel him forward in a leap, preparing to punch Askasa. However, Askasa grabbed Q’s fist with his wires on the way down, and attempted to throw Q down. Q/Shoy instead grabbed Askasa’s wires with his free hand and pulled Askasa toward him. While holding the wires, Q/Shoy positioned himself atop Askasa and landed on his stomach. But that wasn’t all – after landing atop the boy, he yanked upward with his arms.

Fortenra screamed in pain as the wires were literally being pulled from his skin, in which they were embedded. It had only taken two seconds before Askasa initiated his decay arm, hand turning to black and smelling of mold, grabbing hold of his own wires, rusting them to the point of collapse.

The hand turned to normal immediately after the wires broke, and Q/Shoy fell backward, unable to retain his balance.

Shoy/Q quickly recovered, throwing the wires to the side. “You rely too heavily on your only weapons,” Q’s voice rasped. “I hope you know some sort of martial art aside from your own.”

This only fueled Askasa’s short temper, but he stayed on his back, unable to pinpoint where Q was in the darkness. Q spotted his sunglasses on the floor from earlier, next to Shoy’s dead body. He walked toward them and put them on his head, then went to the light switch, turning it on so the half of the room that wasn’t lit previously was now lit. He placed the sunglasses over his eyes with a sigh, tired. With half the room lit, everyone looked to him.

“Where is the Soul Stealer?” Tootz piped in, near Q.

“Brother is inside of this body, with me,” Sin said blankly from the wheelchair in which the Pheonix Soul sat. “However he is in a deep slumber.”

“And who are you?” Tootz persisted.

“I am the Pheonix.”

Askasa gripped his arm, which was bleeding profusely, as he got up slowly. Many of his ribs were broken. Ismaru, on the other hand, was kneeling next to Tali. He was the one who spoke next. “What happened?” He whispered. He’d been quite silent before this.

“I don’t know,” Roy was sobbing, rocking back and forth from his position on the floor. “Father told me to make the Perfect lifeform. I do so. Shoy possesses The Soul Stealer, steals the Pheonix Soul, they merge, I guess, and then put them both inside Sin. But now everything’s gone to Hell.” He bit on his thumb. “Hell, hell, hell…”

“But what about Tali?!” Ismaru yelled.

“Wind Soul, you are too young to understand,” The Pheonix’s ethereal voice replied. “All bodies are simply vessels for the Resonants. We began without bodies, they are now our cages. Why must you be so attached to the cage of another Resonant? Their personalities only mask our own.”

Ismaru couldn’t believe how calm this… naked… thing was being. His friend was dead. Dead, Dead! She was shot, kidnapped, then killed, all without him doing anything. What had he done? Nothing! He’d sat by idly, saying they shouldn’t act- they should wait. And what had happened? She was gone! Forever!

Ismaru turned toward Sin, his hair waving in the beginning of a slight zephyr, which was quickly growing into a torrent. Sin’s hair, which was over the back of the wheelchair, began to wave to the side. “Wind Soul,” it was as if the Pheonix spoke with deep regret, “Do not repeat the same mistake you have made through your many lives.”

“Who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do?!” Ismaru screamed, standing, and aiming his now quite powerful wind toward Sin’s lithe and weak body. Q could see the wheelchair beginning to tip, and jumped at Ismaru, grabbing him in midair and falling with the teen in his arms at the other side of the room.
He wanted to say ‘keep a hold on your anger’ or ‘please don’t do this’ but the words wouldn’t come out. Shoy’s mind was thinking but Q’s body was only focused on the fatigue of using too much ki in such a short amount of time. Even though Shoy knew what he was doing, Q’s ki had no use for such a long period of time. One could say Q’s ki had atrophied.

“Let go of me!” Ismaru yelled. Q was blown away from Ismaru. Not glamorously through the air, but pulled away toward the opposite wall, dragging on his posterior. The pressure on Q’s tail was particularly painful, and once he’d been shoved against the farthest wall, closest to Askasa, he didn’t bother to stand up.

Ismaru began to walk toward the Pheonix, and the room began to spin. Once Ismaru entered one shadow, however, he disappeared. The wind remained strong, and Sin was forced to stand as the wheelchair was pushed against the wall.

Sin had fashioned its ki into a pivotal shape – the wind hit it but was split and went behind as a much hotter alternative. So hot that the wall behind Sin’s body was becoming charred. The heat woke up Amigo, who was dangerously close to the hot wind. His first thought was “But I’m not using my rez.”

His second thought was “My god, it is hot.”

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