15 – Lust

It was the second day of nonstop rain. Edmond was getting worried and went downstairs. The temperature was at least ten degrees colder, if not more down there. It was morning, so he figured Q would be asleep. Carefully and quietly, he opened the door, only to see Q huddled in a small ball right next to it, shivering. The sparring room, being made of natural caverns underneath the castle, was beginning to flood. Q was all wet, and his breath came out in spurts. Edmond felt like a slave master, and was immediately overcome with guilt.

“Q,” he nudged the man with his foot. “Q you can come out now.”
Q opened his eyes warily and stood up slowly. Once his brain slowly came into reality, he shot at Edmond, giving him the tightest, wettest bearhug Edmond had possibly ever received. Edmond backed up a few steps, feeling the other man shiver against his skin.

“It’s okay..” Edmond started to say, expecting Aine to be out, but he was horribly mistaken.
“Don’t even start, you backstabber. I’m only like this to share bodyheat,” it was as if Q were a feral dog ready to bite its master. Edmond was almost frightened.
“Walk with me to get a towel,” Q ordered.

Edmond swallowed, and began his ascent with Q upstairs. A servant passed by and he asked for a few towels and blankets. The servant came back within minutes and Q parted with Edmond to sit on the couch, covered by his new forms of warmth.
“I’m sorr–” Edmond was only cut off again.

“Don’t apologize, you douchebag. I could’ve died down there. You didn’t even give me any food.”
“Well I thought-”
“You thought wrong, Edmond,” Q snarled.

Edmond sighed. “Maybe we should go change,” he offered, trying to remain cordial.
“Yeah. Yeah you go do that,” Q snapped back.

Once Edmond got up and left, Q followed and slammed his own door shut. He changed out of his wet clothes and into his normal black/red getup. He then looked at his headphones on the floor. He picked them up and put them on his dresser.
That was when he finally noticed Tali wasn’t on his bed any more.
He snarled, took a handgun off his wall, and stomped into Edmond’s bedroom.

Edmond just finished buttoning up a new vest when Q put the gun to his head and cocked it. “Tell me where Tali is,” Q barked.
The Count put his hands up. He knew his Jade Armor couldn’t stop a bullet, especially not at this distance. But he also didn’t think Q would act like this. Maybe he deserved it. Locking Q up was cruel.
“Do you really need to see her so badly? Since when have you cared so much about a girl, Q?”

Q growled, stepping forward, pushing the barrel into Edmond’s head. Edmond stepped back with Q’s forward movement.
“Tell me where she is. After what you did to me, don’t think I’ll sway that easily.”

Edmond reached forward a bit, going for Q’s sunglasses. “Do you even know why you care so much about her?”

Q’s free hand came up and grabbed Edmond’s wavering hand. “Don’t fuck with me.” Edmond began to feel faint, as if he were losing consciousness. It was only circumstance that he saw Q tinge green.

“Q, let go,” it was a whisper. “You’re…”

“Tell me where she is!” Q shouted.

Edmond felt like he was floating away. It was slowly, and strangely peaceful, but his very being was full of fear. “She’s in the guest bedroom,” his voice was hardly audible, but Q caught it and immediately left.

As soon as he did, Edmond dropped down to the ground, his eyesight wavering. Everything seemed to jump back to him, but he still felt exhausted. He knew he saw Q using his Jade Armor. Was this how it felt to have his soul be taken away? He wondered if the limiter had just saved his life.

Q walked down the long hall. At the very end was the guest bedroom, in which Tali was placed on the bed. The window was carelessly open, making the Rain painfully apparent. All Q wanted to do was sit with this girl, and watch her. That was all. If Edmond wanted to throw him in a brig for just watching someone, what would the count do next? Torture him for listening to music too often? He glared down at Tali, who’s hair was all out of place again.

He smiled and bent over to rearrange it. Being near this girl made him happy. He didn’t know why, but Edmond was not going to deny him of it. As he touched Tali, he felt warmer. He tucked the girls long hair behind her shoulders, then brushed her cheek with hand. It almost felt like… Even though she was unconscious, he could just feel that she liked being with him too.
He inched closer to the bed, sitting next to her. He paused, waving his hand over her body as if too afraid to touch anything but her face.
A voice in the back of his mind told him something was wrong, and this wasn’t okay. Q didn’t listen and bent over to kiss the girl he had sorely missed for a day and a half, locked away in a horrible, cold cave.

Amigo walked into Roy’s underground lab, where there was an androgynous child in the large tube. “How old is it?” he asked Roy, who was watching scrolling text at the monitor.
“Fourteen,” Roy answered.

The child had long red hair, just like Roy’s. Its skin was pale, and its eyes had been closed until just now. Its back arched and the child moaned.
Amigo looked confused, and turned to Roy again. “What’s going on?”
Roy stroked a few keys and the barrage of formulas on the monitor stopped.
“It is eighteen, and it feels the Soul Stealer using his power.”

“It already knows Q’s ki and Rez?” Amigo asked.
Roy nodded.
“Well, why is it… Acting like that…?”
Amigo was watching the expierement stroke its upperbody, up and down. “Is it… Is it trying to masturbate?” Amigo looked slightly disgusted.

Roy burst out laughing. “Well. Maybe.”
The child in the tube moaned a string of words. Amigo grimaced, but still couldn’t resist.  “What did it say?”
Roy clasped his hands together. “It sounded like ‘I want him inside me.'”

Amigo put his hand to his face in shock. “But it doesn’t even have a sex, why would it say that?” He wanted to puke.
Roy chuckled again. “It has no soul. It only knows bodily things. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It only knows what the body knows. It cannot feel want like love. To love like we with souls do is foreign to it. Once it has the soul we want to give it, things will be different.”

Amigo nodded, but still was slightly awed. “You’re right. I guess it does make sense. I’m going to go out now, but prepare… it.. For what we planned.”

Roy nodded, but just as Amigo opened the door to leave Roy ran up to Amigo and hugged him, again. “I came up with a name for it, father! We can be parents!”
Amigo stopped in mid-stride with a sigh. He pet Roy’s hair. “Oh? And what did you name it?”


How oddly appropriate.

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