12 – Blood Stain

“Come on,” Shoy growled, pulling Roy by the hand. Shoy had one hand in the doorway of the apartment, and one hand outside, as Roy, for some unknown reason, didn’t want to come inside. It was now tug of war with the wills, Sim watching in entertainment at the spectacle.

“No! I want to stay outside!” Roy struggled, trying to run backward, even though Shoy had his hand.

“What’s the big DEAL,” he managed to take another step forward into the apartment as he grit his teeth, “Just get inside already!” Shoy didn’t spend all of the evening trying to find Roy, and then waste even more of his time just to babysit the guy.

“I said no! No means no!” Roy, with his free hand, reached for his katana and unsheathed it, cutting his own arm off. This freed him from Shoy and he began to run off again.

“Fucking damnit!” Shoy screamed, letting go of Roy’s now severed hand and running after the insane man. By now his temper was wearing thin, and when he caught up to Roy, he grabbed him from behind in a bearhug. At that point, he disappeared in a burst of speed, reappearing inside the apartment where Sim was laughing maniacally. The door slammed shut by itself, and Shoy let go of his protege, stepping backwards.
“Augh! You got blood all over my–”

Roy was running toward the door again. A trail of blood was left from the arm he had cut, although the madman had already regenerated another one, and was able to use it to open up the door and run outside again.

Sim burst out laughing even more, his sides splitting.

“YOU WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME THEN YOU STAY OUT THERE FOR THE ENTIRE FUCKING NIGHT!!” Shoy screamed at the top of his lungs, walking over to the door and slamming it shut once more, locking it.

Sim covered his mouth when Shoy glared at him, but he couldn’t seem to hold in the chuckles.

“I swear boy, if you don’t shut up right now, I will kill you,” the older of the two commanded.

Sim covered up his laughter with a coughing fit, and finally was able to stop himself. He couldn’t take the chance that the man was actually serious.

Once there was silence again, Shoy looked down to his coat. It was covered in little smears of Roy’s blood, where the man-child had tried to escape. He gave a disgruntled sigh, and walked out of the main room to find another shirt.

Although he had wanted to, Shoy didn’t have time to replace his jacket from before. It was ruined with a bullethole in the shoulder, and he had been absolutely disgusted. Now he not only had to get a new jacket, but also had to take the stains out of his shirt… Which had proven from countless times before, that he might have been better off just getting a new shirt. But he liked this one. It reminded him of what he was like before he’d joined up with Mercain.

Sim followed Shoy into his room soonafter, asking his partner, “What do you think the deal with Roy was?”
Shoy took off his jacket, and began unbuttoning his shirt, his back to Sim. “I don’t know, but I don’t feel like talking about it.”

Sim groaned. “I went to meet Q while you guys were gone.”
Shoy was only two thirds of the way unbuttoned when he stopped and looked over to Sim, “Why would you do that?”

Sim shrugged. “I wanted to see for myself if I had anything to be afraid of.”
Shoy turned back around, continuing to unbutton his shirt. As he took it off, he asked, “Well did you?” He slipped his shirt over his head and looked at it in his hands for a moment.
The muscles in his back were tense. It was amazing that for such a fighter, Shoy didn’t have any visible scars. Sim almost felt embarrassed watching.
“That guy is unpredictable.” Sim crossed his arms over his chest and looked away from Shoy’s back. Sim was slightly jealous. Shoy only reached for a stain remover.

“He was acting weird, told me I shouldn’t be there, and then threw a mirror at me. But even that was only after he ignored me for about five minutes. I decided I didn’t want to deal with a guy I couldn’t predict so I left through the mirror when he threw it.”

Shoy shook his head as he applied the remover to the blood. “You’re still young Sim, you’ll get better at anticipating things as you go along.”

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