08 – Young Soul

Q had brought up a chair, and was sitting, staring at Tali. He couldn’t figure out why he was so enthralled with her. He’d been trying to figure out how to kill her for so long, and now he finally had her in his grasp.. And he couldn’t stop staring at her, thinking about how beautiful she was. He was almost ashamed.

When he had come back upstairs after saving Edmond from Shoy, he’d put his gun away, and then changed. He was now wearing a black and white suit. He looked like a very fancy butler. It was almost too small, and much better looking than his red/black getup he usually wore. Q wasn’t one to look at himself in the mirror for hours on end, but, if he were, he would have. This outfit made him look very handsome. His grey hair only seemed to compliment the outfit.
What didn’t compliment the outfit, though, were his headphones. He was listening to another song as he stared.

Promises and wishes all mean nothing when it’s me that I’m speaking to…”

Over the dresser, Sim jumped from the mirror. Once he had put his feet on the floor, he turned to Q, slightly surprised by his change of attire. “Why hello there,” Sim stated.

As was predicted, Q paid no attention to the boy. “…Wanting something won’t mean I will see it through…”

“Hey! I’m talking here!” Sim shouted. Q didn’t even flinch. Well. The man was wearing large cans on his ears. Maybe he just couldn’t hear Sim. With a hmph, the white-haired boy shot at Q’s back, knife in hand. It was the same maneuver he’d pulled before. He stopped the knife at the back of Q’s neck. “It would be in your best interest to listen to me,” Sim growled.

Q took his headphones off just as “Don’t need to see these visions to remind me that I’m dying from the inside out. Wanting you here, it-“ was being sung. The stop button on the CD Player was then pressed, and the music ceased, the CD on the inside slowly stopping its spin.

Sim took a step back as Q faced him. The man was holding himself differently. He wasn’t standing up straight like before, and although Sim couldn’t see his eyes through the sunglasses, something seemed wrong.
“I have questions,” Sim pressured, his voice lowering in volume. “You will answer them.”

Q turned to his dresser, and picked up his pack of kreteks. He appeared to make a move to open them, but thought better of it, and left the pack under his hand on the dresser. It shook slightly. Q was probably trying to quit due to what had happened not too long a go when Opal had saved him.

“Hey!” Sim shouted. “Look at me!” He didn’t think he’d be ignored this much.

Q turned to the boy again. “You shouldn’t be here.” His voice was quivering. Yes, something was definitely wrong here, but Sim would be the first to take advantage of it.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s what you said last time. But this time I clearly have the upperhand.” He stepped forward cautiously. “Why did you call up Mercain?”

Q took in a large, quivering breath. “You should leave now,” he whispered.

“Yeah, that’s what you said last time. But this time I’m not going anywhere.” He took another step forward, more confident this time.
“Why’d you shoot Shoy?”

Q clenched his fist on the dresser. He couldn’t have anyone seeing him like this. He turned back to the dresser, and put his hands on the frame of the mirror. Whatever he was attempting to do wasn’t working, though.

“Hey! What are you trying to do?” Sim cautioned. “Hey!”

Q, with a large grunt, hurled the dresser, mirror included, toward Sim. The mirror went face first toward the boy. Instead of Sim moving out of the way, he went back into the mirror as it was slamming into him. It later broke into pieces all over the floor. Q shook his foot, as it had been covered in shards of glass. He stared momentarily at the thousands of reflections of himself before walking back downstairs to Edmond, laptop in hand.

The Count was laying on the couch, William and two other servants beside him. Q came down,  slowly, and pushed the laptop back on the coffee table before walking forward two more steps and kneeling beside Edmond, head lowered.
Edmond frowned, unsure of what was going on, but waved his other servants away. As soon as they were gone, Edmond spoke up. “I”m very disa-”

“I’m sorry,” Q interrupted. That was when he broke down, putting his hands ontop of the couch, head in his arms.
Edmond raised his hand so Q wouldn’t lay on it. He was confused. Was… Was Q crying?
He didn’t know why this was happening, but, after some hesitation, he put his hand on Q’s head, petting it slightly.
“It’s ok,” he said softly, although he wasn’t really sure what Q was referring to. He assumed it had something to do with what happened earlier today, and the laptop. But why Q would be so emotional about it…?

“Please,” Q begged, burying his face in his arms. His voice was muffled and hard to understand between what seemed like sobs. “Please forgive me. Punish me.”

Edmond grabbed Q’s hair and pulled his head up, so Edmond could see his face. It was wet. He was crying after all. Edmond wasn’t in the best shape, either. There were medical bandages all over him, and he wasn’t wearing a shirt. But even if Q was upset about Edmond having lost a fight, he certainly hadn’t come close to dying. So why would Q be crying?

“Quatre,” Edmond whispered the real name only so they could hear. “What is wrong? You are not like this.”

“I… I can’t… I almost lost you, and I was worried.. I shouldn’t have shot that man, but I…” Q stammered.
Edmond pulled Q’s hair a bit. “I know that’s not really what you’re so messed up about. Come on, I don’t die that easy. I will better in a week or so. Tell me what’s really wrong. I haven’t seen you bust out that old uniform in forever. Please don’t tell me disobeying me once would really mess you up this badly.”

The Count took Q’s sunglasses off and pulled Q’s face up, so their eyes could meet. “Tell me what is really wrong with you.”
He hadn’t wanted to command Q like this, but it felt like it was the only way.
“I can’t control…” Q closed his eyes, tears still coming down. “Tali is my friend and I… Aine, her soul is… I can’t bare to kill her, and I can’t deal with the guilt of betraying my friends… Very emotional. I think my limiter is… I just can’t deal with the guilt… Breaking.” Q put his face back in his arms at the couch, shaking. “Please don’t leave me alone, Mr. Dantes.”

Edmond furrowed his brows, trying to make sense of what Q had just said. It was a bunch of nonsense. He couldn’t really make out was was going on with the first half, but the second was easy enough. The limiter was breaking. But if that were true, then… Ah, that’s why. Aine’s soul…

He put his hand back on Q’s mass of hair, petting him. “Don’t worry. I can go get another one from…” Q grabbed Edmond’s arm and clutched at it, lying on it like a pillow. “Please, don’t leave me alone,” he begged.

This was so awkward. Q was at least twenty five, and here he was, acting like a little girl who needed a father. Well, that was basically what Edmond knew it to be, but it was still hard to fathom it actually happening in front of him. Aine was only fifteen, and had a host of emotional problems When Q had stolen her. Q’s rez was the ability to steal souls. The drawback was that the soul needed a hostbody. He couldn’t just steal souls and throw them anywhere. If there was no empty shell for Q to shove the soul into, it went into Q. Q had two souls currently, and although he usually had good control over which one was dominant when he couldn’t use his Rez, if the limiter was malfunctioning, the souls within him could move freely. It was something Q didn’t want to have to deal with, and Edmond had simply accepted it when they met. Not that he approved of it- Q should’ve been able to control his own Resonance Soul – but he understood.

“Okay,” Edmond stated. “I won’t leave you. William can go get another limiter for us.”

There was a knock at the door soonafter. A servant came up to them, trying to ignore the scene happening between his master and Q. “Sir,” the servant stated, “Mercain is here to see you.”

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