04 – Kidnapped

As his computer was dialing another number, Mercain looked up to what used to be a balloon with edmond’s face on it. He snickered to himself, but had to avert his attention once the other end picked up the phone.

“Yo! What’s up?” It was Roy. He had a dumbfounded smile on his face, as per usual.

“I want to talk to Amigo,” Mercain responded. “Put him on.”

“What? Aw, no fun for Roy?”

“I said Get Amigo!” Mercain shouted.

Through the speakers, Amigo heard the conversation and pushed the crazy Roy aside, giving Mercain his full attention after telling Roy to “Go play… Or something.”

“Tali’s down. Edmond did the work for you. So here’s what I want you to do, first thing in the morning, you should split your group and…”

After a particularly silent night, the next morning came. Q found himself atop another ledge, sunglasses on, silver hair covering one eye. He was about a yard away from Tali’s home, where he’d already established the Pheonix group was still fretting over their friend. He could see through the window. A bed, Tali in it, Askasa and the others, plus some family, discussing what to do.

Q wasn’t even there for two minutes before a puddle near him splashed upward, revealing the form of Sim, the Doppelganger. Sim’s hair was white, and he wore a long coat. He was fairly young, but had great promise and following as an assassin. Currently he was one of Amigo’s lackeys. He looked about for the Pheonix’s window for a moment, before it was clear he’d found it.

He took a step forward before noticing the older of the pair.

“Holy shit–!” Sim jumped backward. It only took but a mere second, but his initial surprise was covered and he composed himself again, chuckling to himself. “You’re very good at masking your presence. I didn’t feel you there at all.”

Q hmphed, pushed his sunglasses closer to his face and placed his focus back to Tali’s window.

“Hey, man, you even going to acknowledge my existence?” Sim shot over toward Q, and had a knife to the other man’s throat from behind, nearly instantaneously. “I could kill you, you know.”

Q nonchalantly raised his hand and gently pushed Sim’s arm away, his focus remaining on Tali’s window. He could see both Ismaru and Askasa had risen their level of alertness. His cover would be blown if Sim kept this up.
“You shouldn’t be here,” he stated coldly.

Sim put the knife away and backed up a few steps. “I’m here to take the girl,” he replied.

“You should leave, now.” Q reiterated.

Sim put his foot down and began walking toward the home. He knew he couldn’t transport directly there through the mirror; Ismaru would sense him before he could finish. “I will not. I have a job to do.”

Q snarled and began to run toward the home. Sim followed suit, but he was faster. Why would Amigo tell him to get the girl when this other guy was doing it? Sim had heard of this guy… Q, wasn’t it? He’d never met him before, though.

Sim broke in through the window with a barrel roll. Q took the more humanistic approach and kicked down the front door.
Askasa immediately drew out his wired for the first threat – Sim.

“I knew it was you, asshole!” The wires sprouted forth with hisses. Each tendril seemed as if it had it’s own brain, and with each slash, Sim had to do his best to jump out of the way. The walls were becoming cracked, and the wires were quick — almost as fast as Sim was.

Ismaru, on the other hand, had seen Q come in from the other entrance, and has pulled out a kunai knife. He threw it toward Q, who ducked and tried to run around him. Ismaru had never seen this guy before, but he was clear he wasn’t making any attempt at offense. Still, he was a threat, and Ismaru continued to follow and hurt him. The man wasn’t very fast, but he was nimble.  The wind came through the window, a testament to Ismaru’s agitation of continued missing. Kunai after kunai, punch after kick, everything was hitting nothing. It was very frustrating.

Almost the same was happening for Sim and Askasa, however Sim was actually throwing his own attacks. A mixture of melee and the knife from before.

Q was edging closer and closer to the bed, while Sim was concentrating on destroying his current enemy. Looking behind him, Q noticed he was getting nearer to Sim. The Monte Cristo came up with a plan, and immediately jumped toward Sim. Ismaru of course followed. Askasa noticed them both and moved a set of wires to injure Q.
However, at that moment, Ismaru was in the process of throwing a sidekick at the man. Q threw his hands to Ismaru’s foot, and after only a split second of no motion, threw the ninja into his own companion’s wires.

“Ismaru! What the hell are you doing?!” Askasa screamed. He had to retract his weapons to get out of Ismaru’s way, leaving them both open for Sim’s attack.
While Sim was busy with that, Q jumped toward the bed, slid his hands under the unconscious Tali’s back, and jumped out the window with her, running off.

“YOU IDIOT!” Ismaru screamed to Askasa, jumping out the window as well.
Sim had a hand on one of Askasa’s wires when they both seemed to notice what had just happened.
“That bastard…” Sim growled to himself and jumped into a nearby bed mirror, disappearing.

Askasa found himself alone with Insom, who was staring out the window.
“Why didn’t you do anything?!” the part-time waiter yelled to the zombie. His wires shred the walls to his side.
In a fit of fury, the man slashed the Insomniac with three of his wires. Deep gashes were made across the pale woman’s torso. She should’ve fallen over dead, but instead, she still remained with a blank look on her face, blood dripping down her side and off of her friend’s wires, the organs inside of her pulsating with the life some questioned even existed inside of the Zombie.

She looked down at her wounds, slowly. “…Oh…” Looking back up to Askasa, she spoke again, her voice raspy. “Time went by so fast…”

Askasa yowled with anger and left the house, looking for Ismaru. He easily caught up to his surrogate brother, only to be disappointed. “I lost them. I lost her again!” The wind blew with a hiss over the sky above him.
Askasa glowered at Ismaru. “I couldn’t feel him. I’m sorry.”

Ismaru put his hand to his face, and hit himself twice. “I can’t believe I couldn’t hit him. He was slow! How could I lose him!”
Askasa looked at the sky, another gust of wind overcoming it. “I have to go to work.” He turned around and went back to the house. “You should find out who those people were.”
It was obvious they hadn’t been very prepared. Were they losing their edge?

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