03 – Technology

Q seemed to be in thought to himself for a moment, but then took the medical tape with him back upstairs. Edmond turned to Q from his position on the couch.
“Going to bed so early?” he questioned. Q was usually the nocturnal type. And while Edmond was still distraught at his own stupidity, and at the fact that a person so simple as Insom had injured him, he still felt he shouldn’t be left alone for some reason.

“I need to wake up early tomorrow,” Q answered, already halfway up the stairs. “To get the girl.”
With that he went to his room, a small thing that was lined with displays of swords and guns on the walls. There was an armoire to the side, which contained different types of ammunition inside, and the more prized possessions of his were in cases under his bed.

On top of a normal set of drawers sat an ash tray, a lighter, a pack of clove cigarettes (kreteks), and a CD player with a rather large set of headphones. The man took a cig out of it’s pack and lit it, placing it in between his lips before putting the headphones over his ears and taking the CD Player to his bed.

He laid himself on his back, and closed his eyes after pressing play.

“You make me come…. You make me Complete…” the music began.

Downstairs, Edmond was grumbling to himself. He would’ve punched something were it not for his hand bleeding. He had never known what would happen if one of his butterflies was killed, though these were his suspicions. Now he knew for sure, and had to keep a better management. With a growl, he slid his laptop closer to himself with his good hand, and turned it on. He then dialed up Mercain. Know how to call someone through the computer was just about all he knew how to do. He wasn’t a fan of technology, if his disapproval of Q’s methods were any indication.

“Mr. Dantes.” Mercain spun in his chair on the other end of the signal with a smile. He held a throwing dart in his hand. But after seeing the look on the the other’s face, he quickly threw the dart away from view. A small squeal was heard as something inflatable deflated. Mercain didn’t seem worried.
“What can I help you with?” the hacker leaned on the table, to give the Count the impression Mercain was giving his full attention to the other man.

“We shot the Fire Pheonix today,” Edmond growled.

“Well, anybody can do that, Edmond.” Mercain laughed at himself, until Edmond slammed his good fist on the table. “Okay, then. I see this isn’t the time for jokes.”

“Q was able to shoot her in the head. I don’t know, some type of special bullet or something.. Anyway, she hasn’t come back to life yet. I was hoping you may have come up with some way to kill her for good while she’s unconscious, because that’s what she is,” Edmond replied.

Mercain took a deep breath, leaning back in his chair and clasping his hands together. “Well I’m sure she’ll stay down as long as the bullet’s in her head–”
“I KNOW THAT!” Interrupted Edmond.

Mercain cocked his head, changing his train of thought. “What’s wrong with you?”

Edmond lifted up his bondaged hand, a blood stain there. “This is. Now get to the fucking point.” He put his hand back down.
Mercain seemed perplexed, but decided it was best to change the subject back to what they were talking about before. “We could try poisoning her while she’s unconscious. Or some type of chemical-induced death.”

The count threw his hands up. “Great! More technology!” It was sarcasm, of course.

“You know, if you think about it Edmond,” Mercain was becoming agitated, “Tali herself is a thing of technology.” And with that the link was severed.

When the screen turned black, the Count yelled in anger and tossed his laptop to the floor. The resulting crash brought forth a servant, William.
“Sir, are you all right?”

Edmond glared to his manservant. He took a moment to compose himself, and in that moment, instilled some great fear into his follower. “Go make me some tea,” he commanded, and then forced himself to sit back down on the couch. William did as he was commanded without further word.

“… You make me completely miserable…”

Q took his only half-finished kretek, and snuffed it out on the floor by his bed, and was able to fall asleep with the beginning of the next song.

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