01 – Mute Monarchs

Both of them were on a ridge, above a large canyon. It was on the premises of the Castle of the Count of Monte Cristo. And the sniper rifle was pointed toward a girl.

“I don’t see why you have to depend on that technology,” said Edmond Dantes, the count himself. He wore fine clothes, and a cape. He was sitting on the ground, his back to the person operating the rifle.
That person, Q, stared through his scope and gave no audible reply.

The girl was 900 feet away, and her hair appeared to be made of fire. Her name was Tali. She was known throughout Dexterity for her Rez, which was not only the power to utilize fire, but also to revive herself like a pheonix. Many considered her immortal. She was physically weak however, and dependant upon her powers. A stupid maneuver for anyone that couldn’t bring themselves to life over and over again.

Q was lying on his stomach, his dog tail between his legs. He wore red and black, and in the night, did not wear sunglasses. His left index finger squeezed the trigger little by little. At the last minute, the man made a minute adjustment, and was then greeted by the rebound of the rifle’s butt into his shoulder.

Edmond put his elbow on his knee and sighed. “So did it work this time?”

Q remained silent, looking through his scope to see Tali fall to the ground, the bullet hitting her head. Immediately her three friends looked about. One of particular interest was the Askasa man, who fought with wires. They were deployed now, wriggling with fear of who the sniper was and where they were hiding. Although Askasa’s skills, aided by the skills of his friends, Ismaru the Wind Soul, and Insom the Zombie, were good, they weren’t good enough to pinpoint where the Count and Q were hiding.
The grey-haired man, at the old age of 25, could see Tali’s friends yelling, and paranoid. They doublechecked everywhere. The Askasa man was breaking objects. Q could not see Tali’s fire of Pheonix.

“I can’t see her Pheonix yet.” The gruff voice of a smoker broke the silence. Q had finally spoken.

The count quirked a black brow, his medium-length hair wisping in the new wind. He turned around and crawled up to the ridge. However, without the scope he couldn’t see much. He wasn’t looking for any details, though. Just a large red blast that marked the Pheonix.

“Was it a headshot?” Edmond asked.

Q grunted. Of course it was a headshot. He never missed. Edmond knew that as well, and recounted himself before thinking aloud “Maybe as long as the bullet is embedded in her skull, she cannot be revived…”

The mute pack of friends were around Tali now, crying. Q didn’t appear to be showing any emotion. His tail twitched, however, and he itched his black collar. Something he never took off.

“Perhaps…” Q began. But Edmond knew where Q was going, and stood up. His body separated into many monarchs, all who flew quickly with the help of the wind.
The pack of invertebrates flew toward the location of the murder to make sure what had been done was done for good.

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