Phoenix Soul

The Phoenix Soul is considered the most powerful, most elusive, and most dangerous Resonance Soul. It is commonly shortened to simply “phoenix”. It is a particularly old Soul, having been reincarnated many times before. All of its hosts have been destroyed, overcome with the Phoenix Soul.
The Phoenix Soul is one of the few souls with its own personality. It’s goal is to be the destroyer of all humankind, to overcome the chains of Man. It wishes for all Resonance Souls to be free to roam without bodies.

This is why it plans to merge with the Soul Stealer. Should the Soul Stealer absorb the Phoenix, it is said the Phoenix will  be able to take control of the Soul Stealer’s body, and finally be able to reign destruction on the earth.

The powers of the Phoenix given to the host body are unmetered control of fire, and the ability to revive itself through flames, like a Phoenix. The host usually goes crazy with power, and is overcome by it, essentially blowing themselves up. In this fashion, the entire city is usually taken with them.
The other ways to kill a Phoenix host are a shot to the head and then cremation, or excessive cold.
Simply shooting the host in the head will render the Phoenix unable to revive itself and temporarily stop the reincarnation process, but as soon as the object is removed from the head, the host will come back to life.

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